[ANNOUCE] TiDB 5.0.0 Released, and a cool gift for Contributors of TiDB 5.0.0

Xiaolu Zhou

Dear Contributors,

On behalf of the TiDB Community I'm glad to announce the release of TiDB v5.0.0. 

TiDB 5.0 is dedicated to helping enterprises quickly build applications based on TiDB, freeing them from worries about database performance, performance jitter, security, high availability, disaster recovery, troubleshooting SQL performance, and so on.

In v5.0, the key new features or improvements are as follows:

  • Introduce Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture through TiFlash nodes, which shares the execution workloads of large join queries among TiFlash nodes. When the MPP mode is enabled, TiDB, based on cost, determines whether to use the MPP framework to perform the calculation. In the MPP mode, the join keys are redistributed through the Exchange operation while being calculated, which distributes the calculation pressure to each TiFlash node and speeds up the calculation. According to the benchmark, with the same cluster resource, TiDB 5.0 MPP shows 2 to 3 times of speedup over Greenplum 6.15.0 and Apache Spark 3.1.1, and some queries have 8 times better performance.

  • Introduce the clustered index feature to improve database performance. For example, in the TPC-C tpmC test, the performance of TiDB, with clustered index enabled, improves by 39%.

  • Enable the async commit feature to reduce the write latency. For example, in the 64-thread Sysbench test, the average latency of updating indexes, with async commit enabled, is reduced by 41.7%, from 12.04 ms to 7.01 ms.

  • Reduce jitters. This is achieved by improving the optimizer stability and by limiting system tasks' usages of I/O, network, CPU, and memory resources. For example, in the 8-hour performance test, the standard deviation of TPC-C tpmC does not exceed 2%.

  • Enhance system stability by improving scheduling and by keeping execution plans stable as much as possible.

  • Introduces Raft Joint Consensus algorithm, which ensures the system availability during the Region membership change.

  • Optimize EXPLAIN features and invisible index, which helps Database Administrators (DBAs) debug SQL statements more efficiently.

  • Guarantee reliability for enterprise data. You can back up data from TiDB to Amazon S3 storage and Google Cloud GCS, or restore data from these cloud storage platforms.

  • Improve performance of data import from or data export to Amazon S3 storage or TiDB/MySQL, which helps enterprises quickly build applications on the cloud. For example, in the TPC-C test, the performance of importing 1 TiB data improves by 40%, from 254 GiB/h to 366 GiB/h.

The release is available for download at:



The full release notes are available at:


538 Contributors have submitted 12,513 PRs to help us complete the development of TiDB 5.0.0, a milestone version for enterprise-level core scenarios. 

A big thanks to all contributors who made this release possible! We have prepared a 5.0 customized peripheral for each of you, please tell us your address through this form before May 5th.

At the same time, if you have an account on asktug.com, we will issue the 5.0 special bonus points to your account, which can be used to redeem the community peripherals.

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