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TiDB is an open-source, cloud-native, distributed SQL database for elastic scale and real-time analytics. The goal of TiDB is to serve as a one-stop solution for all online transactions and analysis so you can build your applications just as simply as on a single node. The main objective of TiDB community is to help members who share similar interests to learn from and collaborate with each other. * If you want to be a contributor or a committer, you can See contributors ( ) for details. * If you are a user, you can see pingcap/docs ( ) or pingcap/docs-cn ( ) for user documents. * Also you can get help in ( ) if you met any problem. * If you want to get more Technological Resources, you can visit: * PingCAP University (Chinese) ( ) * Meetup Recording (Chinese) ( ) * Technology Blog ( ) * Special Interest Group ( ) * If you want to contact us instantly, you can join us with slack: * TiDB Community ( )
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • asktug
    Receive AskTUG Topics
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  • contributors
    TiDB is a community-driven open source project and we welcome any contributor. This mailing list is a point of contact for all TiDB community contributors.
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  • sig-bigdata
    BigData SIG covers the areas where TiDB and big data are combined, including but not limited to TiDB + Flink, TiDB + Spark, TiDB + Presto. This mailing list is a point of contact for Bigdata SIG.
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  • sig-community-infra
    Community-Infra SIG covers the development of tidb-community-bots ( ). Our work includes * Support new features or improve community collaboration tools. * Fixing all kinds of bugs of community collaboration tools. * Improve the usability of community collaboration tools. This mailing list is a point of contact for Community-Infra SIG.
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  • sig-exec
    Execution SIG covers TiDB execution implementations. We are focused on the development and maintenance of the TiDB Function and Operator ( ) , including but not limited to: * Supporting new features. * Improving the performance. * Fixing bugs. This mailing list is a point of contact for Execution SIG.
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  • sig-sql-infra
    SQL-Infra SIG is generally an interest group that focuses on: * SQL statement parsing(the ‘pingcap/parser’ repo) * Management of metadata in SQL layer(component/DDL, component/owner, component/infoschema) * Sessions(component/session, component/mysql-protocol) * Server(component/server) * Privileges(component/privilege) * Plugins(component/plugin) * Config & variables(component/config) * Charset & collation (component/charset) This mailing list is a point of contact for SQL-Infra SIG.
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  • toc
    TOC serves as the main bridge and channel for coordinating and information sharing across companies and organizations. It is the coordination center for solving problems in terms of resource mobilization, technical research and development direction in the current community and cooperative projects. Each TOC online meeting will be held on the last working day of every month at 8:00 p.m.
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